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Sun Hats and Sun Protection Clothing

永久性防曬布料 !

美國 Sunday Afternoons 創立於1990,過往至今一直專注設計和製造高質量的防曬帽子和衣服產品。們的哲學是製造真正能發揮功能的產品。通過不斷地採納顧客的建議及改進最終發展出一系列能真正滿足那些於長期於戶外工作或活動的人士的需要Sunday Afternoons 所用的防曬紡織品均獲得美國 California Polytechnic State University 大學的 Textiles Research & Testing Laboratory 化驗及測試,全部均達 UPF 40-50+ 最高防曬指數,而且布料上的高防曬特性是永久性保存,不像市場上大部份防曬產品都是加上防曬處理,布料只能維持約20-30次洗滌。Sunday Afternoons 近年推出的防曬帽子和衣物系列獲得美國皮膚病學家所認可,產品均深受顧客歡迎們希望令顧客明智地享受陽光,防曬保護下(包括防曬帽子、服裝等)全地玩耍 及活動。有長期慣性作防曬保護顧客, 會擁有更健康年輕無皺紋的皮膚,更能掩飾他們的真實年齡。

Sunday Afternoons was established in 1990, designing and manufacturing high quality sun protective hats and clothing for customers worldwide. Their philosophy is to create products that really perform. It is with customer's input and suggestions that they have developed a line that truly addresses the needs of those people who work and play in the outdoors. Sunday Afternoons' growing line includes new, dermatologist approved sun protective hats and clothing, and other active lifestyle gear. All testing is done by the Textile Research & Testing Laboratory at California Polytechnic State University. All results were a unanimous ' Excellent' rating of 40-50+ UPF, the highest possible. Sun protective properties in the fabricss last the life of the garment. Sunday Afternoons hope all customers follow their lead by enjoying the sunshine wisely, and playing it safe with full coverage hats, protective clothing and sunscreens. They have discovered that those customers that have made a life long habit of sun protection have healthy skin and a wrinkle-free youthfulness that belies their age.


Women's Hats    
Adventure Hat Sport Hat Cricket Hat Convertible Hat
Sundancer Visor      

Men's Hats

Adventure Hat Sport Hat The Cruiser Hat Convertible Hat

Aero Visor

Eclipse cap


Kid's Hats

Kid's Play Hat
6個月大至9 6 months-9yrs)
Kid's Play Hat
6個月大至9 6 months-9yrs)
Kid's Play Hat
6個月大至9 6 months-9yrs)

Sun Protective Clothing

Men's Sun Tee Long Sleeve Women Sun Tee Long Sleeve Men's Sun Tee Short Sleeve Women Sun Tee Short Sleeve
Kids Sun Tee Kids Sun Tee    

Frequently asked questions about our hats

Q. Can I machine-wash my hats?
A. We recommend hand washing your hats in cold water to increase their longevity. If you chose to wash your hats in the machine, select delicate cycle, and remove it immediately when the cycle is done. Line dry only. **WARNING: HOT WATER IS DISCOURAGED, IT CAN MISSHAPE THE BRIM**

Q. Will I feel hot in your hat?
A. Three factors create a cool feeling for our hat.
       1. Light Weight
       2. Ventilation
       3. Loose Fit
Customer feedback has been very positive asserting that our hats are the coolest feeling hats they have ever worn. You can enjoy them in the tropics, in the sunny sun and at high altitudes. This we guarantee.

Q. Do men wear the Adventure Hat
A. The Adventure Hat is the most popular design for men. Guys will immediately get used to its unique features and will often find other men inquiring about it. It is ordered by fishermen, construction workers, adventure travelers and senior men.

Q. What fabrics are used in your products? Are they safe on sensitive skin.
A. Most of our hat and clothing fabrics are of synthetic origin. These include state of the art, breathable, moisture-wicking and quick-drying nylons, polyesters and microfibers. These new generation textiles are designed specifically for breathable and irritation free comfort. We stand by and guarantee your full satisfaction with these independently tested skin protective fabrics.


Please contact us for more details or visit : www.sundayafternoons.com



MAP details

地址 Address : 
九龍旺角皆老24-26東方大廈五及六樓                                                                    Tel : (852) 2390 0980/ 2390 0072
(Apple Shop 樓上
近旺角地鐵站D3出口左邊" 九龍表行" 旁小巷入)
5/F & 6/F, Oriental House, 24-26 Argyle Street, Mong Kok, Kowloon.

( Mongkok MTR Exit D3, left alley next to the " Kowloon Watch " shop, red entrance)

香港銅鑼灣軒尼詩道467-473號建德豐商業大廈2 (銅鑼灣地鐵C出口,通利琴行旁邊,六福珠寶樓上) Tel : (852) 2390 0020
2/F, Kin Tak Fung Commercial Bldg, 467-473 Hennessy Road,Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.
(Causeway Bay MTR Exit C, next to Tom Lee Music, G/F is Luk Fook Jewellery. )

元朗大棠路29-33號大棠樓2樓B (千色廣場對面)                                                                   Tel : (852) 2390 2388

Flat B, 1/F, Tai Tong Mansion, 29-33 Tai Tong Road, Yuen Long. (Opposite to the Citimall.)


一田 (荃灣) 裝部毅成戶外用品專櫃 (荃灣廣場第三)                                                       Tel : (一田荃灣熱線) 2803 9107
YATA (Tsuen Wan) RC Outfitters Counter (
3/F, Tsuen Wan Plaza)

一田 (沙田) 男裝部毅成戶外用品專櫃 (新城市廣場第三期)                                                       Tel : (一田沙田熱線) 2469 3038
YATA (Tai Po) Men's Wear Department RC Outfitters Counter (Tai Po, Mega Mall Zone B)

一田 (大埔) 男裝部毅成戶外用品專櫃
Tel : (一田大埔熱線) 3761 1388
YATA (Tai Po) Men's Wear Department RC Outfitters Counter (Tai Po, Mega Mall Zone B)

Email: admin@alink.com.hk

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